Thursday, July 26, 2007

We rock!! TriBiold 21 - 25 Loan Wolves

We rock! Today was a well deserved victory - and I'm proud of everyone who played, everyone who coached, and everyone who kept us together on the sidelines. Onwards and forwards....or something like that.

Well done Wolves - we certainly do Rock!!


Julian said...

A fine team performance. Tiggs you were brilliant. Some great hitting as well. I must try to get my batting better

Kevin Wilson said...

Good all round stuff. Excellent pitching, solid infield, the outfield seldom let anything past them (OK, a homer went way past me!), and the batting was mostly top-notch, assisted ever so slightly by their fielding efforts. Everyone contributed there though; all the girls got round, and I think all the guys but Matt did too. A deserved victory which will worry the Tornadoes.

Olivia said...

Congrats everyone. Can't believe I missed it.

Vic said...

What a contrast to last week when we were played off the field... and it was sunny. As hoped for it was a fun game against similarly matched opposition.
Both sides struggled in the damp conditions and people went sliding across the wet grass. It made fielding and running (and stopping) quite tricky at times. Fading light threatened to bring the game to an early close but we made it through all 7 innings in what has to be one of the most exciting matches that I've played in all season.
It was good to see the Wolves pulling together, cheering home our runners and supporting each other in the field. Thank you to all our soggy supporters for their cheers. In particular thank you to Andy for providing much needed Wine Gums and a chair to sit on, and to Kate who managed to keep our score on a wet score sheet.
We kept our concentration and our spirts up and didn't let a few good batting innings by Tribold and a poor one by us get us down. Well done team!