Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Low Point, High Point

Low Point: My pitiful attempt at being 3rd base coach. I dried up like a big old dry thing.

High Point: Winning the pitcher-batter duel and so getting a walk that converted into a run!


Andy said...

Low point:
Hitting straight to the pitcher's glove.
High point:
Making a tag out between first and Second.

Julian said...

Low Point: Hitting ball to the wrong part of the field and causing one of our team to be out between 2nd and 3rd

High Point: Stopping the hit from the batter and throwing to first for an out.

Vic said...

Low point - striking out twice in a row. She was a tricker pitcher to judge and some of the strikes were coming in far too low for my liking.

High point - actually managing to hit the ball and getting myself to 3rd base in one go (as a result of some niffy running by me and some unlucky ball fumbling on the part of the Raiders). On top of this, I also got home the two runners in front of me as well. Amazing!

Alex A said...

Low Point:
Striking out on my second batting opportunity. I changed from the blue bat to the orange and I think that messed with my aim. Or something. ;)

High Point:
A throw from outfield into Paul that allowed him to get a tag.

Gareth said...

Low point: Hitting a 3 run homer straight to short stop lurking in left field!

High point: Mis-hitting a dying quail to right field to get Julian in.

Paul said...

Low Point: Getting too involved in a mind duel with the pitcher rather than just hitting the ball.

High Point: The last out of the game. With the tying run on 1st and their home-run-hitting best batter coming to the plate, it was looking like things could go pear (or wolf) shaped. Decided to field deeper and took a pacey ground ball cleanly and got off a good accurate throw to Gareth running in on second just squeezing the out. Any fumble or misfield would have cost us the game!

Matthew W said...

Low: Being caught out by their pitcher.

High: First some preliminaries. At the end of the 6th the score was 9-9. As I walked in from the outfield I knew that I was the second person up to bat, and that if we were going to win I really needed to get my first run of the season for the Wolves. This started me worrying, but then I thought, “it’s moments like this that’s what life is all about”. As I picked up the bat I heard one of the Raiders shout, “it’s the bottom of their order so they won’t be any trouble.” I left the first ball. Swung and missed the second. I left the third because it never went above my eye level but the umpire called it a strike. I started worrying again. But then I remembered what that - wanker/overly excited chap who probably regretted what he said the moment he said it - on the Raiders had shouted. Made contact with the ball, but it popped up invitingly. As I ran to first I watched the Raider, who had earlier performed wonders to get Gareth out, catch the ball. Then he dropped it. Then he caught it. Then he dropped it. And finally the ball hit the ground. Alison got me to second. Then Alex hit the ball straight over my head. I took a few steps towards third in case it was a catch. But Paul started calling me in. Made sure I touched third and could stop if I needed to then noticed Paul and Gareth urging me on to 4th. Sprinted flat out. My high point was hitting the home plate.

Julian said...

A wonderful description Matt perhaps you should take up writing as well

Alex A said...

What's a dying quail?

Anonymous said...

gobills1High point: Hearing that the Wlves won their first game!

Low point: Not being there to see it in person.