Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday = 12 hours of Softball

As Mr T said... I pity the fools... but yes 3 wolves and one dev girl turned up at Clapham at 11 for a quick practice but before they knew it they were involved with a full on 4 team tournament. After 2 hours of drills and batting practice, Kevin, Matt, Paul and Alana stood in line like school kids waiting to picked by one of the other teams. I was lucky enough to be picked by Super Ben's team and wasn't the last person picked.... Matt? Kevin???

So off we went to play 3 round robin games and Kevin played 3 won 3, Matt played 3 won 1 drew 1 lost 1 and me in glorious wolves fashion played 3 lost 3 !!!! Regardless on how well our teams did (shut it Kevin) we all played 3 great game in teams from higher divisions and had so much fun. We all played well and did the Loan Wolves proud .... especially me by refusing to let good players win a game.

We'll probably be there next week and who knows what will happen?


Kevin Wilson said...

I was last pick, but it worked in my favour to an extent as I was an unknown quantity. I scored a home run, got to third (and would've got round had the girl ahead of me been a tad quicker) then round, and got round twice more one base at a time. And these teams let nothing go in the field. A good hit which would normally get you to 2nd/3rd in our league might only get you to 1st if you were lucky.

I think we all held our own against teams of a much better standard, which bodes well.

Matthew W said...

The practice session was very good, but the tournament after was fantastic. The teams were very good, their fielding especially was excellent. But I didn't disgrace myself and managed to get round a few times, and more importantly I learnt a lot.

Cheers to Paul for sorting it all.

Once again the Wolves were the last to leave the pub.

Julian said...

Somehow that doesnt suprise me Matt