Thursday, July 19, 2007

Low Point, High Point

Low Point: My batting was awful. Out at first, then made it to first but got Andy out.

High Point: Watching Manj drink her first ever tequila slammer.


Vic said...

Low point - nearly striking out at my first bat (I'm sure my pitches were low) and then making a great hit but failing to make first.

High Point - getting a couple of outs and being base coach shouting "RUN!" at the top of my voice to get Julian (I think) to first.

Andy said...

High point: the second catch. It was slightly harder than the first.
Low point: runner on first, grounder coming towards me, crouching to intercept it, thinking I could be on for a double-play tag and throw to First if I was lucky. And not properly lining up on it square, so when it skipped up I let it go away over my glove and into the outfield. Idiot!

Paul said...

High Point: Big hit to Right Field, as the fielder got the ball I saw she was looking to throw to first so went straight on to second. I heard them telling her to throw to second so I assumed she would meaning I could make a dash for third and hope the second base person wouldn't be fast enough to catch, adjust and throw a ball over or round me to get me tagged at third. As it was she did a mighty fine job and only by sacrificing the skin on my right knee did I slide in just making it before I was tagged.

Low point: Having let one bouncing ball sneak past me I was determined to do better and the ball was grounded to me with the play on second. I got the ball okay, ran over second and then threw to Manjiv on first but somehow the ball slipped through her fingers. It would have been such an awesome double and would have cheered us up. We got an out at first a few balls later so it didn't really matter but even the Umpires said it would have been a great double play :-)

Vic said...

Put your high point second - end on a high!