Monday, October 08, 2007

Beerball and boat drinks

Yesterday was Beerball, a friendly softball tournament, invitation only. The Loan Wolves were invited for being so friendly - and also, I suspect, 'cos the organising team, our rivals the Devil Strays, were sure we'd lose to everyone. I could only make the first game, vs the Meteors, before I had to go on somewhere. Our squad was augmented by people from the development sessions, along with Ben who'd wanted to play in Beerball again (he and I were there last year, playing for the Tecumsehs). I was at Second, where I made some outs and also committed some fumbles. Borrowed Ben's 26 0z bat and got out at first twice. Changed to a heavier one and did get to base, though only because their pitcher was tiring and I took a walk.
The Meteors started by gaining a lead, but not a decisive one, and we managed to gain runs back while restricting their scoring. The score at "no new innings" was 12-10. to us. All we had to do was keep the game going for another ten minutes, and that result would stand. We couldn't stop them making enough runs to get ahead, but we kept our innings going long enough that time was called and it reverted to that 12-10 scoreline. A win in our first game of the day! Ben's first ever win in a Wolves shirt.
My work was done here. I said goodbye and good luck to the others, then headed off to Uxbridge...
A friend of mine has moved to a narrowboat for the winter. She'd invited people to her boatwarming voyage yesterday, and it was for this that I was leaving the tournament early...
I was texted by both Matt and Ben to tell me that we'd ended up in the third place play-off - against the Strays. Then, as I was on the boat, waiting to go through a lock, came the news that we had beaten them! 23-11, I think. I would dearly have loved to be there for that.
[Taken from my LJ]