Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It wasn't all mud and sogginess...

Finsbury Park 11am on a rainy Saturday morning... :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

November in the Rain - Practice 25/11/06

A day for die hard enthusiasts only - Julian, Alex, Paul, Manjiv, Vic, Kate
Amid the rain wind and mud we managed some pitching and batting and throwing, and Tim from the Devil Strays showed up as well.

The batting practice was particularly useful thanks to Paul. I can now concentrate on hitting as I step forward - when the weight has transferred from back to front foot.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Loan Wolves - The Movie

I thought I'd add the movie link to the Blog.

Okay so it's not quite a "Field of Dreams" epic but we're not movie stars (or professional softballers) I used nearly all the footage we shot on the day (all 8 minutes of it!) so apologies to anyone who didn't appear often or at all.

Loan Wolves - Live on YouTube

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gudbye t'Jane

The Loan Wolves had a game yesterday to say farewell to stalwart player Jane (JC), who's going to be returning to her native New Zealand soon.
Finsbury Park was as gloriously muddy as only Finsbury Park gets. We enjoyed our Northern Caribou v Southern Dingoes match (the North won, due to having almost all the team's heavy hitters, and both sides laying with a reduced outfield). Everyone pitched (including me, dazzling the batters with a bewildering range of deliveries - i.e. "pitching wildly, with no control or direction").
Afterwards, we retired to the Old Dairy, for many beers, food (I had a yummy steak burger and "fat chips"), and a small presentation of iPod radio tuner and leaving card to JC. We'll miss her when she's gone back to NZ. She promised to raise a "Loan Kiwis" team over there, and we speculated about playing a real North v South friendly some time.
Good fun chatting and talking rubbish in the pub, as always. Somehow a discussion of the Lord of the Rings films led to the idea of "hobbit-farming" as New Zealand's major industry. The reviews of the Old Dairy I've looked at all pick up on something we noticed - somewhat surly bar staff. Service was fine, but one barmaid in particular had a real "here's your lasagne - I hope it chokes you!" attitude to delivering our meals.

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