Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wolf meme continued...

I scored as a yellow wolf...

'Kay, you need to calm down, and lay off the crack. Slow down and take a breath. No more sugar for you.....

Wolf meme

You scored as brown wolf. You're a brown wolf. You're very self confident and you love to play. You're very deep into philosophy and you love to know what's going on at all time. Keep on the look out for potential fun, it will find you!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yesterday morning was softball practice. Joint practice for Loan Wolves and Devil Strays. Finsbury Park far less muddy than I've seen it, but it was a pretty cold day. We did some infield practice - throwing the ball round the bases before the batter could run all the way round. When it was my turn to bat and run, I found that it's quite a long way round in one go for an overweight man with a hangover.
Then a practice game, with mixed Wolf-Stray teams. I tried batting with a 26 oz bat, and did woefully, so changed back to my trusty 30 oz club. Got to base a few times, got round, and did call and execute an inning-ending double-play, earning a high-five from Duncan Devil Stray. Sadly, though, it was Julian who I got out there, not a Devil Stray...
Faustina and Matt, new Wolves, enjoyed the practice and game I think. And the pub afterwards.
We went to the Faltering Fullback - we sank a few beers, chatted about softball and all sorts of other stuff, and watched the Ireland-Wales match. One of Matthew's friends turned up, having been at the new Wembley for the Under-21 friendly. We asked him for his impression of the new stadium. "Big", he said.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Umpire Course March 17-18 - Regents Park and Clapham

Had a very interesting weekend with Mike Jennings and Spencer our two excellent trainers.

The rules are as we know pretty complex - certainly the detailed knowledge that is required to become an umpire. Spencer has a rule book by his bed at night.

I took a lot of notes on a whole range of matters relating to the different calls made by the umpire, the Infield Fly rule, illegal bats, coaches and substitutes, removed and ejected players, The Run Ahead Rule ( another and better name for the Mercy Rule) etc. etc.

We are using the ISF rules ( International Softball Federation) for everything except which bats or balls are acceptable for which the ASA ( Amateur Softball Association) rules are used.

We did a drill up at Regents Park - practising being the Plate umpire. ie calling strikes, balls, illegals etc. Quite difficult reacting quickly and making the fine judgements.

On Sunday as there were only 5 of us we adjourned to Clapham to join up with some of the Raiders who were doing umpiring training as well. We did some drill on watching the batter-runner going to 1st and then making the call - Out or Safe. Also we practised doing some calls on whether a ball was in Fair or Foul territory.

At the end we concentrated on the coordination between the two umpires when they are both used. That is the Plate Umpire and the Field Umpire. Did an elaborate drill base on this coordination and how it is achieved

Those who participated on the course are being sent an email exam to complete

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back in the mud!

Yesterday morning I went over to Clapham South for first softball session of the year. Ah, the familiar squelch of cold wet mud on a winter's morning, how I have missed thee! On the way over, I'm afraid I alarmed a little old lady. I sat next to her on the bus, and she saw the baseball hat I was wearing, and my bat handle sticking out of my sports bag, and I could see her thinking; "oh no! This must be one of them ASBO hoodies the Daily Mail's always warning us about!".
Only four of us there, including new player Faustina. We ran an impromptu "softball skills: 101" session for her, which went well. She has a flair for batting, which is a good thing, and seemed keen to learn about the game. The batting tee Ben gave us as a parting gift proved to be a useful bit of training kit. We all went for a beer at the George afterwards, and I attempted to explain some of the rules to Faustina using a diamond laid out on the table, with coins for players.
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