Thursday, July 19, 2007

Loan Wolves 2 - 43 Devil Strays

Sometimes you're the windshield...
... and sometimes you're the bug.
We were sadly unable to repeat last week's glory, coming up against an on-form bunch of Strays in the evening sunshine. we didn't field as well as last week, sadly. I was playing second Base again, and was painfully aware of all the balls that got past me or which I didn't get to quickly enough. I did take two catches though, which was something. The frustration we were all feeling as the match got away from us was exemplified by Peter's "berserker" axe-like swing of his bat at the ball in our last inning.
Pub afterwards, where Matt treated those of us still there after the first round to tequila slammers. From that point, we cheered up a bit.

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Vic said...

I think that it was actually a sunny evening must have thrown us a bit. Sun... what is this strange glowing orb in the sky?! I couldn't see a thing at the beginning of the game. I knew I should have brought my sun glasses.

Not our strongest performance ever. There were lots of mistakes in the field from all quarters and the strays took advantage and played strongly.

I made some real school girl errors and was not best pleased with myself. I then cried off going to the pub as I was feeling a bit ropey. Boo

Oh well, onwards and upwards!

Julian said...

Your comment about the sun has made me laugh out loud Vic. I am reading this after the victory against Tribold. You certainly played a blinder against them with your great catching