Friday, July 06, 2007

Low Point - High Point

Low Point - Not keeping my eye on the ball enough:
Missing a high catch when I was in the outfield and mis-fielding a ground ball when I was on 2nd. Instead of landing in my glove, it bounced off my toe and veered off into the outfield. Ooops, sorry guys.

High Point - Patience is a virtue:
Holding my nerve and keeping my patience for two walks.
My second one came when I had got to full count, but I had been watching him with his fancy "wrist curling round his back" technique and noticing that he had been getting a lot of balls so I went for it, watched the ball as closely as I could, and put all the pressure on him.
It took nerve as the umpire was calling balls and strikes slightly erractically at times. Both the pitcher and I were convinced that I had been pitched a strike at one point but it was called a ball.
I know that not everyone is convinced by the "leave the first pitch" idea, but I personally think that it works, especially the first time you go up, as it gives you the chance to see how the pitches are coming and how the umpire is calling them. Plus, my batting isn't the strongest so I need all the extra edge that I can get!


Kevin Wilson said...

Low point; batting. One innings, out at first, drilled it straight to second and had no chance.

High point; two catches in the field, though both were pretty simple.

Julian said...

That catching of yours was terrific Kevin. It didnt look simple to me

Kevin Wilson said...

I'd be very disappointed if I'd dropped them....the second needed a bit more work as it was a bit to the left. Luckily it was hit high so I could work out where it was pretty early.