Thursday, July 26, 2007

Low Point, High Point

Low Point - Worrying about the count too much whilst batting then losing my concentration and my nerve and wildly swinging at pitches so that I struck out.

High Point - Making a great catch to get the batter out and then managing getting another batter out at first despite missing the catch. Somehow I scooped it up and got it to Peter with a scrappy under arm throw... oh and making my highest number of runs of the season!! (I know it's meant to be one high point, but I couldn't choose!)


Matthew W said...

Low point: Batting out of turn. But Tribold didn't notice and I did one of my best hits of the season and easily got to 2nd.

High point: Mavy making first and making me 10 pounds richer. Then she got home. The next time she went up to bat when I asked her if she wanted to do double or quits she shouted 'No way!" She made it home that time too.

Kevin Wilson said...

Low point: slipping off third base and trying to run back rather than going for home. Also being given out for a rule (infield fly) I had never heard of!

High point: a home run with two on base.

Tiggs said...

Low point: Despite some great pre-game hits into the depths of outfield, only managing some funny kinda kooky hits during the game. Still, I got on base.

High point: My first go at pitching in weeks....and only letting one walk slip through my fingers. But as I said to Blasey, it was strategic ;-)

Alex A said...

Low Point: Not catching a throw in from outfield that would have allowed me to tag a player running for home.

High Point: Running back and forth between 1st and 2nd as Tribold tried to tag me before eventually being safe at 1st.

Kate said...

Low Point: Realizing that the batting order had gone astray, and therefore thinking that I'd messed up my first attempt as scorer/shouter!

High Point: Discovering that scoring/shouting is really fun, and that it is an integral part of playing well and winning!