Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wednesday 26th July 2006 Low point, high points!

As discussed in the pub last night, here is my 'low point, high point' entry for last night's game.
Everybody please feel free (nay, compelled!) to add yours as comments to this post. A few ground rules:
  • Each person is only allowed one low point and one high point. No more, no less. The purpose of this is to acknowledge our mistakes without dwelling on them, and force us to draw a positive from each match.
  • The low point must be covered first - we must finish on a high.
  • Each point must involve the author - i.e. you can't say, 'my high point was watching Peter take that great catch!' ... (unless you are Peter and you had some sort of out-of-body-experience.)

So, here is mine:

Low point: Fumbling my attempt to back-up an overthrow - which resulted in an extra base being stolen by a cheeky wanderer!

High point: Stopping a very fast ground ball and fielding it in to hold their captain at 1st - setting up the force so he was out at 2nd next play.

Now you all go!


Paul said...

Low point: Missing an easy double play. I took my eye off the ball, mis-fielded and got no-one out. Total pants.

High point: Getting a double play in the first innings, collecting the ball from strong hit to short stop, sprinting to second, touching the base and, on the run, throwing a blistering ball to 1st base person Alison who made the catch and got the batter out. Wooo Hooo !!

Julian said...

Low point: Not batting well at the end which prevented us getting a run

High point: Striking out a couple of batters

SuperBen said...

Low point: Missing multiple outs, by throwing the ball from 3rd to 1st too low/slow. No doubt I will be on the training field soon practicing this.

High point: Getting a catch from about a millimetre off the ground, and then looking up to make the next play (there wasn't one as it happens- but I would have been ready to throw if there had been)

Vic said...

Low Point: Swopping places with Paul (for the left hander) and then missing a bouncing ground ball which, had I caught it and thrown it to the base, would have got us an easy out on 2nd. Instead it went miles into the outfield. Boo.

High Point: Getting to third base (the furthest I've ever got in a competitive match!). Hurray!

Richard said...

Low point: not being there.

High point: being on such a cool team!

Tiggs said...

Low point: injuring my foot the night before and not being able to play or cheer on the team as normal :(

High point: Getting my pep back after hearing about the amazing defensive play.