Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Softball Lesson #10

So our 10th game and what did we learn this week.

10.1 Not a lot really

We should be pleased with our improvement. Everyone did well with good knowledge of their positions’ responsibilities and some good coverage and backing up. I’m struggling to think of many things to point out!?!

10.2 Wolves don’t like water

That nasty stuff that falls from the sky and makes the ground slippery and accelerates the ball. You have to feel sorry for the Devil Strays who have played nearly all the games in damp and wet conditions while we’ve had the pleasure of sunny dry weather.

10.3 Wolves have good eyes

Well done everyone for keeping cool heads and “good eyeing” a lot of pitches. We took a lot of walks which helped our score despite the desire to hit that pesky ball.

10.4 Tag outs

Trying to get non-forced runners out is tricky. When the Strays really went for some serious base stealing, despite a lot of close calls and good tagging attempts we only managed one tag (well done Jane C, who would also like to apologise after catching a devil stray in the chest Zidane style with the glove). We don’t really have the experience or infield speed to attempt tags as WELL as keeping the forces on. Currently it’s most important to keep the runners forced and road blocking any attempts to create holes which unfortunately means letting a few runners home. If you see someone thinking of stealing... look them in the eye and stamp your authority on the situation gggggrrrrr and move towards the next base, hold the ball up and the umpire will probably call time.

10.4 Do I need to Tag?

If you’re on a base and the play's in motion how can you remember whether you need to tag or just stand on the base? One way that might help is to remember what “the play was”. If the play was “on first” and you’re fielding second or third base, any runner coming to you must be tagged as we’ve missed the forced tag on first. Or listen to me whispering "tag tag tag"

10.6 Ready Steady Go

A few times we (which includes me) were slow off the blocks and could have made some of the outs a bit tighter and maybe caused some errors or over throws.

If you’re FORCED and;

a) the balls on the ground.... go go go.
b) it’s in the air, you have to think but you can steal a few steps in case it is dropped.
c) we're on two outs, run on any contact.

And if you’re not forced (which we had quite a few this game)

d) you don’t need to run
e) if the fielder commits a throw to first etc you can take off for the next base
f) you need to be tagged :-)

10.6 We like the Devil Strays really

Our sparring partners from last winter's snow covered practices have done well, and are a most friendly bunch. Good luck to them making the top half of the league, of course if not we'll be waiting for them next year :-)

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