Thursday, July 06, 2006

Game 9: Two Points = Good Job!

The Loan Wolves played a great match yesterday, ending with a morale boosting first ever draw in the side's short history. 18 all, against London Raiders A. The score sounds straightforward, but so much went on during the match, the drama, the tension with it being so close, heck it was better than some recent World Cup matches that I have seen.

First mention must go to our pitcher, Julian, who had a brilliant game, not only pitching consistently throughout the match (including a couple of times when he had forgotten to put his glove back on!) but getting multiple strike outs and assists at 1st Base 'outs'. The infield was pretty solid again today, with some good throws and catches being made between Shortstop, and 3rd/2nd and 1st, to get the outs the team needed to quickly put the other side away. The team's outfield was certainly put under pressure by the some of the opposition's heavy hitters, but they did well (perhaps boosted by Paul's kind gesture of buying the team shinpads) Also, with most of the team electing to wear tracksuit bottoms rather than shorts, we didn't get attacked by the Finsbury Mosquitos union as much as last game.

As the score suggests, we managed to get 18 runs in the game, our highest ever total. Much of this credit must go to a certain Mark Davis, who after rushing from football practice, and being subbed straight into to bat (no warm up needed evidently) proceeded to hit two home runs from two at bats, batting in about 4/5 others runs into the bargain. Team wise, it was really pleasing to see everyone contributing to the offensive side of the game, constistently hitting the ball, although being very patient and taking the walks if they were available. I think I am right in saying that Olivia and Kate got around for their first ever runs (well done), and the rest of the team too can be proud of their 'good wheels', running between the bases. A final mention must go to Alison, who continues her Loan Wolves style rehabilitation programme, involving kindly turning up to matches to play catcher, being extremely patient when batting at the plate, and socialising in the Finsbury afterwards. Thanks again to everyone who played for making it such an enjoyable match to be involved in.

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