Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Softball Lesson #11

Well we know we look good in orange but what else did we learn this week....

11.1 Wolves don't like the sun either

Anybody would think we don't like going outdoors but yesterday's blistering temperature (it must have been at least 110 in the outfield), combined with a nuclear furnace hanging low in the sky shining directly into our eyes and the rock hard lunar surface South Clapham folk call a pitch, made fielding a bit of a struggle!

11.2 Finding our legs

Just like Bambi we're getting the hang of this running malarkey.
Both Andy and Jane A impressively "stole" bases to get our two runs. (Of course none of that would have been possible without me sacrificing myself hitting the ball towards first and getting myself out creating two unforced runners :-)

11.3 Tagging and Unforced runners

A picture paints a thousand words and even drawing a thousand pictures isn't going to help us improve in this area. As Julian says a practice is needed and we'll come up with some drills.

11.4 It's a competitive League

As Jane A pointed out we're in a competitive league.
And the middle of the league where the next years split will happen is the most hotly contested area. Perhaps they were a little more competitive than the game required but we have to not let it effect our game or get us down.... then again it was nice to get the pub early :-)

Useful to remember as hopefully one day we may be the experienced team playing a new team!!

11.5 MVPe

Lots of contenders for Most Valuable Piece of Equipment.
A tasteful collection of baseball caps and straw hats kept us from frying.
Shine pads however while very useful didn't get much of look in (as Jane C pointed out the ball hit the back of her leg, quite how we'll never know)
Sun Glasses were a must but didn't actually appear to help much.

I'm going to nominate my Glove. Thanks to its years of abuse it's well worn and regularly treated with leather softener and if I can get my glove to the ball, it normally flops round the ball and sticks firm. Hopefully next season everyone’s gloves will have worn in more and I'm sure those 'oh so close' will turn into outs. If you can get some leather softener, give your gloves a helping hand.

11.6 We came second again

And there’s no shame in that.
well played everyone.... and good cheering from the sidelines Manjiv :-)


SuperBen said...

Paul, great photo. Well done for getting it on the blog so quickly.
Are the other photos any good, as it would be nice to see more of them if possible.

Andy said...

Just showed Charmaine at ICSL the team photo. She wanted to know how many games Jane A. has to play before the team lets her wear a top with black sleeves...

Kate said...

Check out this weeks's match report for the Tornadoes against the Cheetahs. It seems the Cheetahs are getting a reputation for being the nicest team around (present company excepted of course!) - Cheetahs to top the league!

Tiggs said...

Proves I can still shout louder than the Gobfather!