Thursday, July 06, 2006

Softball Lesson #9

So our 9th game and what did we learn this week.

9.1 We don’t lose all the time

Sometimes we draw! Well played everyone. And we discovered that a 6 or 7 game innings lasts quite a long time leaving us with less time in the pub. (I guess there's more advatages to the mercy rule than we first realised)

9.2 Gloves

When fielding or pitching remember to wear your glove

9.3 Shin Pads

When buying shin pads for Manjiv remember to give them to her before she gets whacked on the shin, not after. Sorry.

9.4 Gloves

When fielding or pitching really remember to wear your glove.

9.5 Use your Head

Use your head except to field the ball. It is the least effective and most sensitive part of the body to use when trying to stop the ball

9.6 E.R

We thought we had an impressive injury record with 2 visits to ER and countless injuries. The Raiders B have had 3 broken legs so far this season. Please read the comment for an important safety notice.

9.7 Softball is FUN :-)

A fantastic team performance with very few over throws (The only one I recall was by me!), very few mistakes and nobody getting caught out.
Top marks go to:-

Olivia for practicing leaving the pitches and batting superbly getting to first at least twice.
Mark for two massive home runs and bringing 3 people home to tie the game.
Kate for getting her first run.
Super ‘safe hands’ Ben for catching everything at first base.
Michael for reading last weeks lesson 8.2 and performing a perfect 'crouching tiger spring'.
Alison for standing at bat and not swinging at anything despite every fibre of her body straining to hit out.
Alex for some quality base coaching.
And my nomination for MVP,
Julian who pitched awesomely and still managed time to run people out on first. At one point a batter was 3 balls and no strikes, and Julian produced three great pitches striking them out!

But none of that would have counted without a great team performance
Well played everyone,
We're number 3 (from bottom) we're number 3 (from bottom)
Go Wolves Go

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Paul said...

Safety First.

Playing 2nd and 3rd home base is dangerous and people do get hurt (mainly broken legs)

Being 'on' the base does NOT mean being on the base !?!
NEVER stand with two feet on the base.
NEVER stand with one foot on the middle of the base.
The only time you should be touching a base is when there’s a FORCED runner.
Touch the base by placing your foot alongside the base with your toes on the base.
Always stand out of the line of the runner.
Always stand in a position where you can receive the ball without the runner crossing your path.
Once you have caught the ball and touched the base MOVE away from the base (obviously not into the oncoming runner!)

If it’s a TAG play keep AWAY from the base
Stand out of the way of the runner’s line
Stand alongside the running line.
Again ensure you are in the best position to receive the ball so the runner won’t interfere with the ball.
Tag the player with the glove if it contains the ball or the ball.