Friday, July 28, 2006

Softball Lesson #12

Another week, another game, another defeat. But as well as remembering that softball is great fun we still learnt some new things!

12.1 We only need 9 Wolves.
the 9 WolvesThe best fielding display of the season and quite possibly the best performance of the season. We ran, we covered, we formed chains, we backed up, we caught, we were a team with a psychic connection and all this without the need for some big loud mouth know it all idiot shouting instructions at everyone :-) The fact we played the with 9 wolves seemed to help as everyone knew they had to play with 111% effort and everyone did. Go Wolves Go!

12.2 Mercy isn't always Mercy
It wasn’t mercy. They won. The rule is actually known as the 'run ahead' rule and after 5 innings they just managed to get enough runs ahead to scrape past the winning post :-)

12.3 It's tricky choosing the Most Valuable Player
Excellent to find that every player on the team was a contender for MVP. There was no clear leader until Vic shouted out and as you know if you want it, you call for it and you get it! So Vic is this weeks MVP for her usual sterling work on second plus getting to 3rd for the first time ever and for wanting it most!

12.4 We can catch in the outfield
Yes we’ve proved it, we may drop the ball but if you go for it, it will eventually stick. Well done Peter and great job Michael and Kate… "9 wolves, we only need 9 wolves"

12.5 We can hit the ball
Good hitting from everyone, forcing the fielders to make the plays which they annoyingly did 99% of the time. The team was let down by the lack of bats. In future we need to ensure the heavy and light bats are available for league games. And the keys to the club house would be handy to!

12.6 We look good in Orange
But wearing Orange in a very Irish area of London during the Marching Season did raise an eye brow or two!!

12.7 The Finsbury pub closes really late
and then they carry on serving!

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