Friday, May 29, 2009

St Urbain's Horseman 11 Loan Wolves 7 - Lessons Learned

Whilst we're waiting for Andy's match report......

Lows: the female shortstop dinked a hit high, to the side, which maybe I should have dived for, just in case any amateur photographers were around. If I'd missed it, and I probably would've done, it would have been a home run hit.

Highs: bit embarrassed about the home run, I assumed I was only getting 2nd from a dead ball. But they threw it and the gloves were off so to speak. Couple of reasonable outfield catches.

Lessons learned: we'll beat these guys at Finsbury easily, if we'd fielded as we could have all game, it'd have been hard for them to have scored all game. It's not sour grapes either, but something has to be done on that pitch when the sun's up - can't they switch it round and have a makeshift diamond?


Vic said...

Low Point - Striking out in the last innings at the top of the order. I was on full count and lost my nerve, changed my mind at the last minute and swung. I should have left it for the walk.

High Point - my solid base hit. Having walked twice in the game already and having barely swung at the ball in the tournament, I was really pleased to get a nice hit. It just all came together and felt really smooth. I just need to remember how I did it now and refine it!

Lessons Learnt - If the throw isn't clean and straight to the glove, move for it. It is better to come off the base and make the catch than try to cling to the base and muck it up. You can always look for the tag after the catch if you miss the force on the base, it's more fun that way anyway :)

Kate said...

Low Point - giving away a few unnecessary walks. I feel I'm getting more consistent, which makes it more frustrating when I throw wild ones...cos I know that I can do it now!

High Point - Two strike outs in one inning. Maybe they weren't perfect strikes, but they swung for them and we closed them out for a quick turnaround.

Donnacha DeLong said...

Low Point - Running rather than taking a few steps from first when the ball was caught - exaccerbated by the bloody hill, I couldn't turn around to get back to first. I also plead confusion due to irregular sleep, exhaustion and being dazzled from trying to play catcher in that bloody sun!

High Point - getting to third and bringing the base with me to avoid being tagged!