Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Base Jumpers 21 - Loan Wolves 4

Some days are better than others

We were away to the Base Jumpers, a new but not inexperienced team, at Primrose Hill. It's a pitch we've done badly on before, slanting away downhill and with the setting sun in the batters' eyes. Sunglasses don't help - they just make everything that isn't the sun look darker.
And it was a dark evening for the Wolves. We didn't manage to read the pitcher's deliveries, and time and time again we didn't manage to parlay base hits into runs. Fair play to a Jumpers fielding side which made five double plays over the course of the game, but I think we all felt we'd not done our best work last night.
There were still some positives - sterling commitment by Julian, pitching in adversity, some good hits to keep morale up and keep us in the game. And there was a nice moment when a little dog wandered up and Kevin threw a ball for it to fetch.
It's easy to blame the "unlucky" pitch, but I must admit when I saw carrion crows pecking around the outfield after the match it summed the whole thing up for me.


Tiggs said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I knew the score was bad...but didn't know it was that bad. Was trying to decipher Kevin's scoresheet on the way home...but no go ;P

Nice write up Andy...onwards and upwards we go x

Kevin Wilson said...

My scoring kind of makes me.

I should start new columns for new innings.

Our fielding wasn't too great but the pitch doesn't help. Again though, just as in the Raiders' game, it's the batting that's not firing. First three batters get round with no outs, then just one more for the rest of the game....Blasey's homer.