Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loan Wolves 15 - 10 Intellect

At lunchtime today, one of my colleagues was going out to the shops and asked if I wanted anything from Marks and Spencer. I remembered that they do some rather nice up-market wine gums, and asked for a packet. Figured that the team would appreciate them this evening.
The Loan Wolves' relationship with wine gums goes back to our first ever league win. They've been our favourite sugar-fix pick-me-up and morale booster ever since. M&S ones are especially good as they have that extra colour, the grape flavoured white ones.
Anyway, on to the game.
Intellect, a new side, turned out to have some big hitters, and their fielding was of a very high standard for an inexperienced team. Their pitcher did them credit too. But we were able to use the three years' experience we've picked up to take the win, scoring consistently and making the outs when we needed them. We had the confidence that came from having a good pitcher - Kate did a great job.
After not the best start to a week at work, I really enjoyed being on the field in the sun and batting. And eating wine gums.


Kevin Wilson said...

Re: the pitcher, she gave a few vital walks. But I was playing for them eventually, which probably contributed to my bad hitting - I didn't want to hit but I don't think Kevin was in the mood to walk me.

Andy said...

Their pitcher wasn't doing too badly for someone early in their first season, I thought. I was lucky that the balls I got in my second at-bat were mostly short, so Kevin couldn't give her the benefit of the doubt.