Thursday, May 21, 2009

Loan Wolves vs Intellect; Highs, Lows, Lessons Learned

Lows: awful, awful batting. The worst I can remember. Didn't hit past the infield once, surprised I never got out more than once, though I think I got others out.

Highs: first catch of the game. It was pretty simple though. Also, anticipating a deflection from Joel to pick up an infield hit, then throw it hard to Vic. Thumping their runner going to 2nd on the head for a tag was neat too.

Lessons Learned: The positional changes worked; the infield just need to calm it down. Usually there's plenty of time to make the throw with the forced runner.


Vic said...

Low Point - missing three catches in the first innings which allowed more runs to be scored than should have been.

High Point - finally getting a nice hit and getting to base,(sorry to whoever it was in front of me who got out in the process) and seeing the Wolves back to their peppy best.

Lesson Learnt - relax! When I relax into the batting I hit much better.

Andy said...

Low point: A misthrow returning the ball to the pitcher. Pick any one.
High point: Base hit. Nothing special, but it got the job done.
And the real high point: after a pretty glum couple of days at work, being on the field again and being part of such a great team was a real morale boost.
Lesson learned: some good tips in practice on improving my swing.

Kate said...

Low point - No particular low points, just a few niggles - a couple of walks that I should have avoided, not great batting, less than perfect throws.

High point - probably my highest tally of scalps through pitching. One in 6 out of the 7 innings.

Lesson Learned - Having 1 (or 2) bad innings doesn't mean the game is over.

Matthew W said...

Low point: my batting - two hits into the ground.

High point: taking a catch at catcher. Nothing difficult, but it contributed to the win.

And I got to watch you guys make some really great plays.

Libs said...

Low Point: Being struck out and missing the catch

High Point: My first hit over the shortstop

Lessons Learned: Wait for the ball to hit the top of its Arc before moving forward/back for the catch.

Tiggs said...

Low Point: missing the "oh so easy" throw from Blasey while at 2nd base.

High Point: Standing my ground at 2nd base to get the out despite a 240lb, 6'2" running, charging, sliding Intellecter coming at me full hurtle ;0)

Lessons Learned: Despite my natural inclination to swing at almost every pitch coming at me, sometimes patience does pay off. having patience when the pitch is outside, inside or just outrigh hitting the plate got me to first base 3 times. (I'd still rather swing though).

Gareth said...

Low Point - Trying to hit big on the bad pitch. Must be patient.

High Point - Seeing all the girls getting better and better.

Lessons to learn - As Vic says Relax on the ball. Learn to breathe out and push all the negative thoughts away. The new mantra next week for the outfield practise - Ch'i which means energy/breath. As we all take a high fly ball, we say "Ch'i"