Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Highs/Lows/Lessons Learned - Loan Wolves vs Base Jumpers

Low: coming up to bat once, hits straight off the top of the bat. I get to 1 but Olivia's out at 2.

High: simple outfield catch, a 'cat and mouse' game with 2nd base that apparently got our runner to 1 - I don't remember the second part of this.

Lessons Learned: we need to shrug this one off, put it down as a bad day at the office. But there's plenty to improve - batting, in particular. Maybe we're not doing something right with the order, I don't know.


Andy said...

Low point:
Not coming in from Right Field to cover First, so there was no-one on base to try for an out after an attempted tag out.
High point:
Did get a hit on my first at-bat. (Also liked Kevin's "pet the dog" moment, on an otherwise grim evening).
Lesson learned:
Improve my batting.

Vic said...

Low point - generally not a great game for me. I was particularly disappointed not to get on base.

High Point - catching the foul ball pop up and nearly catching a second one before (eventually) throwing it to first.

Lesson Learnt - never stop concentrating, always think about what you will do if the ball comes to you. And one man cheering squads are not enough alone to pep up the Wolves when they are loosing.

Tiggs said...

Low Point: Not getting past 2nd base once.

High Point: Sorry...have been stuck trying to come up with one all morning. Glad its all over and done with.

Lessons learned: If you feel strongly about something, then speak up loudly. And what Vic said.

Tiggs said...

High Point: Finally remembered :) A few outs at second base. I knew there must have been something.

livvy said...

Low point: Like Tiggs I didn't get past 2nd base.

High point: I am very proud of my last bat. It was on the ground and got me to first base easily.

Lessons learned:
Keep the pep up!