Thursday, May 07, 2009

Loan Wolves vs Tecumsehs - Highs and Lows

Can't think of another game where as a team we had so many highs. Everyone played really well, everyone contributed.

Low: attempting to beat their left-hander to first with the ball in hand; not realising he was lightning quick.

High: the winning hit. Talk about pressure! Though I have to thank Andy/Manjiv for getting on base in the first place.


Tiggs said...

Kevin - it was Matt ahead of me who got on base not Andy.

Low point: Playing second base for the first time in a league game, and managing to let a line drive (going in slow motion)dribble between my feet all the way into outfield. Vic would have blocked it!

High point: Bottom of the 7th inning, 2 outs, Matt on 1st base, Kevin rearing to bat after me, 2 strikes against me... and the score stuck at 12 - 13 to Tecumseh. Talk about pressure...! A solid base hit, and I sprinted to first base as hard as I could just as the ball reached 1st overthrow and I carried on sprinting to 2nd base. Yay me :) All it took was Kevin's home run hit to bring Matt, me and himself home to win our first game of the season. Go WOLVES. WE ROCK!!!! :) x

Kevin Wilson said...

Nah, Andy got to 1, then had Joel as a runner. Matt was caught. So we had you at 2, Andy/Joel at 3, both unforced when I came up.

And no matter what Paul says, BSUK have counted the last run, so it stands at 15-13.

Tiggs said...

Gotcha! I was too busy running/jumping/hopping/skipping to notice :)x You were brilliant at short stop!

Andy said...

Low point:
misjudging a grounder coming to me at Third, letting it whizz through my legs into the outfield.
High point:
My fourth at-bat, in that last inning - more than just my average for the game was riding on whether I could hit myself safely onto base or not, and I did.

Matthew W said...

Low: Getting caught out with my first hit - a rubbish pop-up

High: I batted pretty well, but my high point was in outfield - a hard ground ball to my left. I was about to set off towards it in a straight line, but then I remembered the banana run I'd been taught the night before and stopped the ball which I might not have done otherwise.

ps I was the tying run, after hitting a single between short and second. Andy/Joel was the run that got us from 11 to 12.

Gareth said...

I think last night was a coming of age for the Wolves. We have in the past won and lost so many games by a lack of experience.

Last night you won not just with the ability within the team but with a grit and determination not to lose.

You now all have the experience to know what to do in every situation and carry it out with an aggressive batting style that is the Wolves.

Prouder than proud. No lows, all highs

Kate said...

Low Point: Probably this morning, when I got an email questioning the score line.

High Point: My batting - (despite what Gobby said afterwards) - particularly when Julian was on first ahead of me. I knew if I hit towards thirdish we both had a good chance of moving on - which we both did!

Julian said...

Low Point: Causing a walk with the bases loaded. Also still cant get my batting to the level I want

High Point: Some strike outs

Some wonderful support from the fielders - all those great catches
Thanks to all

Libs said...

Low Points:
Dropping the second catch (the first was bad enough), letting the ball go past when I fell meaning they got a couple home in their best innings of the game.

High Points:
Not swinging at every pitch, hitting out of he infield and not getting caught.

Team Highs:
Julians pitching, Kevin's throws from shortstop to first and Gabbys catching of them.

Just to clarify... Andy got to 1 (had Joel as a runner), I got to 1, Matt got to 1 and I was tagged out at 2nd, Manjiv got to 2nd and Matt third on her hit and then Kevin got the home..