Thursday, August 24, 2006

Swinging in the Rain

As Kate said it was wet and as Boni Jovi added it's "Slippery When Wet". To slippery for running round bases so my successful hours of thought into how to play a game of Softball with 9 people were wasted (until next time!) It was great to see Alison playing again although we should have pointed out it’s Softball not mud wrestling.

Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed myself although I should have stood up to Manjiv and gone home instead of being lured into the pub… she’s evil I tell you!

p.s. Kate I would have posted a comment but then I couldn’t have added the picture of a lone wolf in the tumble drier :-)


Tiggs said...

Evil? Me? Couldn't be! And then again, did it really take that much persuading? Personally, I blame Alex ;-)

Alex said...

I blame Paul for being too easy to persuade.

Tiggs said...

Then again, it could have been due to the charming company ;-)