Thursday, August 17, 2006

RFU Hookers - High Point - Low Point

Low Point - Missing a tag on 3rd base by a millisecond. It didn't change the course of the game or anything, but after succesfully catching the ball whilst on base, and having the runner over run the base, it would have been a huge glory moment if I'd been a little quicker and got that out!

High Point - What can I say - my catch, of course! My first ever in a league game and for some reason all the sweeter because the ball was heading foul anyway.


Paul said...

Low Point - Stupidly getting myself out on First incorrectly thinking I needed to be tagged and thus discovering I don't know everything :-)

High Point - The first Triple play. Catch followed by a tag and then getting to a base before the runner on second. (But as the Umpire missed the tag, getting the ball to first 2 minutes later just to make sure he was out!)

Olivia said...

High point
Making a good stop on a ground ball.

Low point
Looking for the ball I had just stopped not realising it was in my glove doh!!

SuperBen said...

Low Point- Stupidly hitting the ball softly between 2B & 3B with Michael on 2nd, forcing him out, despite his heroic dive.

High Point- Seeing my plan for the catcher to be more actively involved in play actually work. The catcher's presence playing the base at homeplate, kept the baserunners stuck on 2B and 3B, keeping the score down. (Well done Richard & then Tiggs)

Alex said...

Low Point - tame hit to the pitcher thus being out at 1st.

High Point - Being part of our triple play!

Tiggs said...

Low Point: Once again, only making it to 1st base once all game, damn this foot :-(

High Point: Only giving away one walk the whole game and that was tactical (!) as it put the force on the runners. Just shows that practice really pays off.

Hornshaw said...

Low point:
Taking a swing at EVERY single piece of crap that was pitched in my vague direction! I need to learn to be more discerning.

High point:
Stealing bases! Woohoo! Cheeky thievery rocks!

Alex said...

Shit, I wasn't part of the triple play was I. Cancel high point. Alex confused.

Kate said...

Strictly speaking, No, Alex (although we are all part of every play in some small way) - but you did bat in 3 runs to take us to 100 - so we can forgive you I think!