Thursday, August 10, 2006


As our game for last night was postponed, and we had the pitch booked anyway, we had a practice session. And very good it was, too.
We assembled a pack of fifteen Wolves, laid out the bases, warmed up and doused ourselves liberally with insect repellent. Then Paul took us through base-running (taking the pressure off other runners by "looking for" the next base, and sneaking extra bases when you get a chance), base-fielding, and the art of advancing threateningly on a runner with the ball in your hand, to keep them honest and on their base. Then we played a practice game to concentrate on hitting, running and fielding issues. A lot of fun, and productive too. Then we went to the pub.

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Tiggs said...

Well said Andy.

However, you forgot to mention the hilarious base coaching drill we started off with. Fair enough I can see the point of this drill, however it was still bloody hilarious to watch in action, or was it just me who had the hysterics?