Monday, August 14, 2006

Chillin' with the Kamikazes

Andy and I headed out to watch some fascinating softball being played at Riverside Gardens on Saturday 12th August. And chilly it certainly was – at one point I was wearing my scarf, gloves and four layers of clothing. The only way I could get warm was by lying on my tummy close to the ground, eating chocolate.…oh, and playing some catch with Andy helped too… Anyway, softball tournament…right.

Ben had originally suggested that I may like to come along and watch the division 1 and 2 teams play softball. As he put it “it would be nice if you saw some softball as a spectator. It normally is a bit higher standard than GLSML Div. 4, so you might pick up something that you can use when you play for the Wolves” – and he was so right. Thanks Ben.

Ben was playing for the Kamikazes, a 3rd division team who I think held up really well against some of the Division 1 and 2 teams they played against. What was also impressive was watching them play two games, have a two hour break, and then play a further five games in a row! Now, I wonder if the Wolves would be up for a challenge like this next year. I certainly hope so.

I won’t pretend to be knowledgeable about the technical plays etc. – as you know I’m not a details person. I like to keep my eye on the bigger picture.

However, I will briefly mention that:

We need to play more tournaments next year.
We need to play more tournaments next year.
Oh, did I mention we need to play more tournaments next year? Ok, just shoot me now…you know you want to.

My point is that you cannot compare the experience you get from playing one game a week, with the experience you get from playing 6-7 games in a single day. Plus, it’s all good fun.


Andy said...

What she said.
Enjoyed spectating - especially the game where the lead kept changing every inning - by 1 run each time.
Picked up some more knowledge of how the game should be played. And very much agree that we ought to be playing in tournaments. It's like half a season's worth of games in one day, with the added bonus of being more concentrated so the mechanics/muscle-memory side of what we improve at will stay with us better.
Great to see one of our All-stars punching above his weight, too.
Saw how players (Pitcher and Catcher in particular) back up plays to bases. Saw overthrows aplenty, too - just shows that even experienced sides can make unforced errors when the pressure gets to them. Saw fast, organised throwing in from the outfield to shut down big hits and hold runners on bases. That's something to aspire to.
And also saw a little dog (some kind of terrier, I think) run onto the pitch in the last game. Not sure what I learned from that, but it was funny.

Tiggs said...

What he said..thanks Andy...the pitcher definately needs to back up the catcher as well as other bases. Let's hope I can put it in practice tomorrow...