Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's that time again - Low point, high Point

Right, time to reflect on last night. I'll get the ball rolling -

Low Point - Striking out. Darn it, when I finally decided to swing I made the decision too late and missed the ball!

High Point - My 2nd swing of bat and first hit - which batted a runner home and got me to second - I'm very proud of stealing that extra base.

Woo hoo!


Andy said...

Low point - not reading the pitch when I was on a full count, and letting myself get struck out like an eejit.
High point - getting a base hit in the twilight.

Paul said...

Low Point: Getting over excited and trying to explain the 'unforced runner fielding strategies' and being told off :-(

High Point: Seeing plenty of Wolves stealing those extra bases and getting runs on the board rather than being left on the bases... Go Wolves Go!

Vic said...

Low point - missing a catch in the outfield. The only fielding action I saw :-(

High point - Getting a run (wooo-hoo) despite being hit very hard by a ball. I clearly had them worried after my first run so they had to take me out with a 'death' throw.

Julian said...

Low Point: Giving away some walks during a rather turbulent pitching session

High Point: Watching the team peforming with great spirit as the gloom of evening stole in

Tiggs said...

Low point: Getting caught out twice while running to first base due to my injured foot :-(

High point: Making it to first base with an overthrow that then got me to second!

Can I also mention the pitch which "balled" our umpire at the same time he called it a strike? Not quite a hight point, but good to know I have accuracy just in any future umpires need sorting out ;-)

SuperBen said...

Low Point: Watching the first innings and not being able to do anything about it from the sidelines.

High Point: Watching the team rally together to produce the best offensive performance of the season, with everyone scoring at least one run. Quick mentions for the bravery of Vic, the baserunning of leadoff hitter Andy, and Richard's home run.

Hornshaw said...

Low Point: Fumbling and fluffing the ball so many times at short stop and getting all "sweary Mary" about it!
High Point: I should say hitting a home run but the high point was just getting back and playing with the Wolves again.