Thursday, August 17, 2006

RFU Hookers 19 - 13 Loan Wolves

Opening for the Stones.
The RFU Hookers are employees of, and sponsored by, English Rugby Union. Which means they play at Twickenham rugby ground (well, within its shadow, rather than on the actual pitch). The Rolling Stones are playing there this weekend, so I guess we're their warm-up act. Really bizarre going through the gates at Twickenham, and having the security bod say; "playing softball this evening?", and checking our names against a list of players. Like we were real sportspeople or something. Actually, I'd had a similar experience earlier, when I'd gone into an offy to buy a bottle of water and the guy recognised the team shirt and asked' "playing baseball tonight, eh?  More of your team were here before".
It was a close game, with the Wolves taking a lead into the fifth inning - at which point the Hookers got ahead, and they kept their lead from then on. Great performances from everyone, but luck just wasn't with us when we needed it.
Had the usual fun conversation after the game.  There was talk of a North London Wolves v South London Wolves friendly at some point.
I had a new toy to play with. David had been on holiday to the US (coming back with the requisite plastic bag with passport in it - though passengers are now being allowed one book each, too), He had kindly offered to bring back sports stuff for us, as the mark-up on imported softball kit is huge, so I asked him to get me a new glove. Spent post-game pub session (at the Cabbage Patch) playing with it - it's a nice piece of kit. Also got an umpire's clicker, to record number of balls and strikes etc. Kate and I are interviewing for part-time posts at work tomorrow.  I'm tempted to use the clicker in the interviews - a bad answer from the candidate and it's "STRIKE ONE!" *click*...
One achievement worth mentioning is that despite the game being out in the sticks, we still stayed in the pub longer than the home team. Another one for the Loan Wolves' roster of Little Victories.
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Julian said...

I thought Manjiv's pitching was brilliant. She has really mastered the whole thing - her accuracy is amazing

SuperBen said...

It was great to see all of the available Wolves turn up last night to support the team. Most of us had to take a long journey to get there, and I think that we can be proud that we got a full team out, when the locals could only manage 8.
On another note, nice profile picture Julian, I never had you down as a South Park fan!

Alex said...

Never underestimate The Cucumber!

Tiggs said...

Thanks Jules, and thanks for the pep talk before the game :-)

Andy - the sticks? Come on, it wasn't so bad.

It was quite funny sending the RFU Hookers the team list - I had to include the names of our supporters as well - many thanks to John Woods (Ben's dad) and Eleanor Eves (Vic's sister) for coming along and cheering us on and bringing chocolate to sustain us during the game, I may never had made it to 1st base if John hadn't promised me that Bounty!

Kudos to me, for once I was the last wolf standing at the Cabbage Patch while the rest of you made your long and weary way home. On a related note, I'm doing the 10mile Cabbage Patch run in October if anyone fancies making their way down to the sticks again ;-)

Oh, here's a link in case anyone fancies designing their own South Park character - it's fun!