Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Training session Monday 5th Sept

A great time was had by everyone who attended yesterday's session at Regent's Park. We went, we pitched, we batted, and we ran. We may well have found our star pitcher in Ben (no pressure Ben), Julian proved an enormous asset in centre field, and both Inhee and Alison demonstrated their swift reflexes on second base. And me? I think I may have found my calling as "catcher" although full body armour may be needed -- does that softball hurt or what?

The tournament is fast approaching and I wonder if we should think about honing up our skills. During Richard's absence should we take the plunge and see if we can beg, buy or borrow some basic equipment and start practicing basic skills i.e. throwing/catching/running? Any views on this??

Next introduction session is Monday September 12th at the new time of 6:30pm - hope to see most of you there (especially those playing in the tournament). Vic - good luck trying to get your late night swapped!!

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Kate said...

Ben is revealing himself to be the Loan Wolves all rounder! Wish I could have been there last night. I think throwing and catching practice would be a really good idea, as then we can concentrate on the pitching and batting and game skills at the sessions. Kate