Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Training session Monday 12th September

Another Monday, another victorious training session. This time we spent a good amount of time practising throwing and catching and then we moved on to all have a go at pitching. It is certainly more difficult than it looks and balls were going all over the place. It seems to be a matter of getting the length, height and line all right at the same time. However, a few of us seemed to show a little promise...and allowing for lots of practice time, we may just be able to cope.

We were then split into teams and given the chance to take turns batting and playing both outfield and infield. Once again the game scenario allowed us to get our heads around a few of the more subtle rules. For example I learnt that it is perfectly ok to stop during your run from one base to another, turn around and run back to where you started - as long as no one is directly behind you that is, and bearing in mind that someone can chase you back to tag you with the ball.

There is talk of meeting up over the next few days for sessions where we can practise the basic skills...watch this space!

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Peter said...

I think it's important that we start trying to master "softball-speak". Screaming some knowing phrases at one another might just be the sort of thing to put the willies up our opposition in the tournament.

I'd like to share a couple of phrases I've picked up from the coaches in the Regents Park sessions to get the ball rolling (so to speak) with this:

Firstly, "Where's the play?": shouted by a fielder and meaning, if I have understood correctly, "if the ball comes my way next time the batter hits the ball, where in the name of all that is holy should I throw it?" A typical answer would be "third base", meaning that there is a batter standing at second base and there's every chance of getting him/her out if we throw to third. (Please anybody correct me if I'm wrong with this.)

Secondly, the almost totally pointless "We have a batter!" apparently shouted out at the beginning of an innings meaning, roughly, "Ladies and gentlemen, please take your places. Play is about to commence". What a palaver...

Have any other readers had similar experiences, I wonder?