Thursday, September 22, 2005

Monday 19th September Training Session

A good turn out tonight with a full team compliment of 10 wolves making it to Regent's Park. For a couple of us it was the first session, and a bit of a baptism of fire, as we got into a game more or less straight away. Once again more and more mini and micro rules emerged in the course of the practice, but bit and pieces are gradually sinking in (I hope!).

Emily has already distinguished herself as a bit of a big hitter, and several of us had a go at pitching. Personally, I now see pitching as a kind head to head duel between pitcher and batter - balls versus strikes - who can hold out the longest....or maybe I am taking it all a bit too seriously!

We then followed the session very entertainng pub visit, where we talked tactics, worked out batting orders and considered the nickname possibilities - Fordo, Evesy, Woodsie...being just a few of the more obvious examples. Nothing like a good nickname to intimidate the enemy!

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