Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Favourite Positions

Jane says:

Here are the field and batting decisions we made at the pub.
Everyone has a first choice and a second choice. Some made
no choice at all on account of not being at the pub. (You see
it pays to drink!)

Remember the first choices are just for the first game of the
tournament and can be changed in subsequent games if we feel
like it! There are 11 people listed so 2 people have 'outfield
somewhere' down as a 'choice'.... And the pitchers of course
will change around within the first game!

ALISON 1st outfield somewhere 2nd 1st base
ANDY 1st centre field (right) 2nd centre field (right)
BEN 1st centre field (left) 2nd short stop
EMILY 1st left field 2nd centre field (left)
JANE 1st 3rd base 2nd left field
JULIAN 1st right field 2nd outfield somewhere
KATE 1st pitcher 2nd 2nd base
MANJIV 1st catcher 2nd 3rd base
PETER 1st 1st base 2nd pitcher
RICHARD 1st short stop 2nd catcher
VIC 1st 2nd base 2nd pitcher

And then we have our batting line-up. Thanks to Fordo for volunteering
to bat first!

1. Alison
2. Richard
3. Emily
4. Peter
5. Kate
6. Ben
7. Vic
8. Andy
9. Jane
10. Julian
11. Manjiv

Yeh!!! Go the Lone Wolves!

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