Friday, September 02, 2005

The results are in!

Democracy has worked its magic, and we now have a team name and a team colour! Henceforth (or at least until we think of a better one) we shall be known as The Loan Wolves! Now the endless possibilites for themed slogans, mottos, logos and team songs open up before us. <- Here is an image of a wolf for your delight and consideration. Red was also voted as our offical team colour. So now our entry to the tournament can be sent off and we are on our way to world domination.

I was quite relieved to read on the tournament application form that there are likely to be experienced players there to help us out with base coaching and the like, so it should a good opportunity to improve our skills as well as get our wolvish teeth into the competition.

"Bring me home, May, bring me home!"

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