Friday, September 16, 2005

Spontaneous Softballing!

Ben says :

We had five softball enthusiasts turn out for throwing and catching practice in our new training facility, King's Square Gardens (Congratulations to Jane, Peter, Alison and Manjiv). Our only problem was that between us we only had 2 gloves (including 1 small baseball glove) and 1 softball. We warmed up by playing throwing and catching then switched to some much needed pitching practice, using my Tupperware lunch box lid as a make shift batting plate. I am still in awe of anyone who can consistently pitch well, because it is so hard to get it the right height, length and direction to get those valuable potential strikes rather than wayward 'balls'.
After this, we changed to a training drill created 'on the fly' by yours truly. I conceived it would involve all five of us, taking into account the equipment shortfall. The following may become a little technical, but hey that's softball, a complicated American game. We had two people on bases (made up of our coats/bags etc.) two fielders and a 'batter'. I say batter, but their job was to start the play by throwing the ball out into the field (loosely simulating a batter's strike). Next the fielder's had to field the ball working out which one was going for it by shouting out their name. Once under the fielder's control (which often involved retrieving the said ball from the bushes) they threw it to either first or third base. Meanwhile the batter jogged around the roughly set out diamond, to keep up the 'game' feel to the practice. I think we all learned how difficult it is throwing the softball accurately to the person on the base, so that they can stay on base ready to get people out, as opposed to just doing regular throwing and catching practice.
We all switched around positions to get some valuable fielding, and base practice, although the batting simulation was a little energetic for all of us who at the start had expected to just come to a gentle 'throwing and catching' session. That's softball fever ladies and gentleman.
Hope to see more of you at the practices next week and remember to try to round up some support for the Loan Wolves first tournament on Saturday 24th September.

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