Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wolves 20 - 07 Chevy Chasers

Wolves, can we make an addition to our weekly high point/low points? I suggest we add in a "lessons learned" item. Pick one error made by yourself (if any) or one thing you wished you had done better or want to improve next time around. For example:

Low Point: Getting stupidly caught out at third base due to not listening to the third base coach.

High Point: My best hit ever, a clean line drive straight between short stop and third base (not that I was looking of course) and not making a shambles at First Base.

Lesson Learned: Never ever watch the ball, always listen or watch the base coach for instructions :)

Over to you :)


Kate said...

Low Point: Seeing the runner leave the base, making an appeal, but having it turned down because the umps 'didn't see it'.

High Point: My decent hit (which I didn't see) which got people around and me to first (and almost second) and then getting around in 2 thanks to Kevin's great hit.

Lessons Learned: If you're going to cheat (intentionally or not) make sure the umps aren't looking!

Julian said...

Low Point: Getting overcome by indecisiveness over whether to throw to 1st or 2nd

High Point: A good hit with the bat - though I could do with more consistency

Lessons learned: When in doubt make sure you at least throw to 1st for at least one out.

Matthew W said...

Low point: either my continued batting slump or running towards a fly ball in right field before realising it was going over my head. Oh, and telling Mark I didn't need studs as my astro-turf boots give good enough grip :)

High point: Sliding into third and kickin' up some dust. It's the first time I've had to slide on pitch 1 and I loved it. I was wearing long trousers mind. And I now have a hole in said trousers. But it was worth it.

Lessons Learned (or more accurately re-inforced): When in outfield make my first step back. Eventually I'll get the hang of it.

When on base you should ALWAYS watch the batter hitting the ball - for safety reasons. The moment you're satisfied that the ball isn't going to hit you, pay attention to your base coaches.

Vic said...

Low Point - watching the Wolves let the Chevy Chasers catch up to within one run.

High Pont - watching the Wolves pick themselves up and storm 12 runs in one innings whilst continuing to hold the oppostion to nothing.

Lesson Learnt - It is important to use the correct 1st base coaching terminology. There is a difference between looking for 2 and going for 2.

Andy said...

Low point:
Not swinging at the last pitch on a full count, in case I hit our baserunners out, and getting struck out.
High point:
Tagging out the runner who went off base.
Lesson learned:
Don't fall in the mud.

Gareth said...

Low Point: Getting tagged out at third 3 time in the game!!

High Point: Andy's tag at second and surprised no one mentioned it Julian playing on after receiving a terrifying clout on the shins!!

Lesson Learned: Attack the bases. too many of us slow down as we arrive on the bag. At 3rd run past it unless the 3rd Coach tells you no. That way you don't have to start running again to get home

Kevin Wilson said...

High point; threatening to push Kate over home plate so I could score a home run. Also taking a catch at short stop whilst slipping over.

Low point; too greedy trying to hit their very weak right field. Twice I hit it straight at the 1st base fielder. Only when I lofted it over 2nd base did I score.

Lesson learned; with big hits, the first base coach really has to tell whoever is on first which base to go to early. Then the runner doesn't stop or think, and whoever hit the ball has the best chance of getting along as many bases as possible. I'm thinking of Gareth's hit where Manjiv made home but Gareth should have too. If you think you've hit well enough to get home, just follow the runner ahead and get RIGHT behind them. Never stay a base behind if you think you'll make it.