Thursday, June 26, 2008

High Point - Low Point (Fair and Squares)

Ok guys let's do it. Remember the format - low point first, finish on the high point. One thing for each and it must be personal. You cannot say that your high point was watching Kevin slide into home and take out 3 of their players - unless you are Kevin! (I know that didn't really happen, but it's only a matter of time!)

I'll start:

Low Point: Striking out with two swings. I haven't struck out all season!

High Point: Getting three strike outs in one innings.

Lessons Learned? If the fielder is standing aimless on your running line, make them get out of your way, or shout 'obstruction'. I ran around him, and then was out on the force at 2...only just!


Andy said...

high point: taking the catch from a pop-up ball. It wasn't an impressive catch, but at least I didn't fumble it.
low point: stupid weak hit to First Base.
Lesson learned: come out in front of the plate to *every* play as Catcher, even if you don't expect play to come to you - you never know when a blistering throw from the outfield might give you a chance at a tag...

Vic said...

Low Point - Getting every hit caught and so not getting to 1st base once.

High point - taking some nice solid catches from the outfield despite the fact that they came out of the sun and that there was usually a Square runner coming at me at full pelt. Although I didn't get the force out many times or the tag, damm they were good at sliding, I did get a few outs and stopped the rest from going any further. Nice throwing outfielders!

Lesson Learnt - try to hit ground balls if there is a tall girl on 3rd who keeps catching every ball you hit.

Kevin Wilson said...

Low point; my batting was awful. First innings, hit two right field fouls then leave the next which Diane called strike (given that she was calling low balls in, I felt I had every right to leave it).

High point; one of the worst home runs ever. Hit to third. Sneakily went from 1 to 2 when the pitcher had the ball and his back was turned. Bad throw to 2 got me home despite three Squares standing on home plate trying to stop me.

Lesson learned; if in centre field, come right up behind 2 for weak hitting girls, as Vic is usually positioned a bit wider. Anything right at the base can be taken, as demonstrated when I pinged a throw to Manjiv at 1 which she caught superbly because it had a fair amount of speed on it.

Blasey said...


Andy's catch as catcher

2nd - Donnacha's throw from 3rd to 1st and just missing the out
3rd - Watching Alison cover the errors in the outfield from more experienced players

Blasey said...

High point: 2 home runs (one hussled) and no bad throws to 1st

Low point: Numerous ground balls flying into my chest and toward my head that I couldn't control

Lesson learned: There will be two line-ups in future to make sure everyone knows who is up next and the strategic order can continue.

Also, don't say that Kevin will not continue his home run streak when he hits a ground ball to 3rd, because with him being sneaky, so questionable throwing and some good (though I say so myself) 3rd base coaching he'll egt home.

Tiggs said...

High Point: one good catch at first base from Kevin

Low Point: Being yelled at for not staying on my base.

Low Point: Being told I played badly.

Lessons Learned: None. I'm obviously incapable of learning any lessons.

Tiggs said...
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Tiggs said...
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Kevin Wilson said...

I am really sorry about that Manjiv. It was totally unnecessary. Apologies.