Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Loan Wolves 14 - Fat Cats 11

It was feline versus lupine last night as the skies darkened above Finsbury Park.

Having umpired a couple of games against the top-of-the-table Fat Cats, we knew they could hit, and we knew they had a reasonable idea about the game...so it was some nervous, but excited Wolves who showed up early to warm up, run practice drills and settle into the pitch.

As the away team we batted first. A string of good solid base hits got us on the scoreboard in an important innings. We then held the Cats to nothing for the next two innings.

As is the way with us Wolves, we never do things the easy way - a dip in the middle meant that the Cats put on 6 runs in 4th innings. We then knew that we needed to keep it tight.

We stepped up to the plate literally and metaphorically - got those all important runs in and held their scoring to a minimum. It got a bit heated for a while there over a few close calls. I'm thinking we probably wouldn't have made the appeals if the game hadn't been so tight, but all those hours at umpire school have got to be worth something!

Anyhow, after the full 7 innings, by hook or by crook, victory was secured for Wolf-kind!

Personally I got a particular kick out of holding them to nothing in an innings by getting three straight outs at first, but it's indisputable to say that everyone played a part tonight. Batting sensibly and consistently, holding runners, keeping the force on and getting those outs!

Three cheers for the Loan Wolves!


Matthew W said...

Low Point: When it was clear I was going to be playing outfield Gareth helped me practice my flyball catching. I made sure I didn't move too early, caught the ball close to my face/chest, cushioned the impact, squeezed the glove and had my right hand positioned for pop outs and the throw. Come the game the only things that came near me were ground balls moving at approximately 3 miles an hour. And I missed the first two!!! Fortunately the first was moving so slowly it stopped approximately 5 feet behind me and Olivia got the second - good backing up. By the third ground ball I left nothing to chance and dived infront of it.

High Point: My hitting - it's coming back. Of my 4 hits, 3 were good, clearing the infield comfortably, although my last was an outfield catch.

Lessons Learned - ground balls: Bend my knees, get my glove on the floor and take the ball in front of me in the middle of my body. I'll get there eventually.

Kate said...

Low Point: Probably the spat with the opposition over the appeal play. It was frustrating when the umpire admitted that the bag was missed, but refused to call the out because the opposition were crying, 'obstruction'. Especially as we had danced around their badly placed basement all night to make sure we touched bags.

High Point: Three pitches, three outs at first. Clean and simply.

Lessons learned: Don't let Matt wander off on his own when he's mumbling about wanting a cigarette!

Andy said...

High point: the left-field hit in my last at-bat. Even if I did stand there like a lemon watching it rather than running for base as soon as I made contact.
Low point: the only ball I got to as Catcher, and I didn't come close to getting the out.
Lesson learned: if you're not careful, your team-mates will eat all the green wine gums before you can get to them.

Olivia said...

High point: I had one really good hit. I've no idea where the ball went, but i easily got to 1st base.
Low point: Not catching a ball in the outfield that came straight to me.

Vic said...

Low Point - being caught out on a foul ball and a few fumbles in the field.

High Point - Making the final out of the match (and possibly causing damage to the runner's chest area in the process). I had been watching the lefties during the match and I noticed that one of them always hit ground balls between 1st and 2nd. I positioned myself in the way and stopped the ball. I had the option of throwing to 1st or 2nd but by the time I had managed to pick the ball up, it was quicker to run straight forward for the tag. I tagged with gusto so that the blue would definately see it!

Lessons Learnt - Keep your wits about you in the field and don't 'rest' your eyes on the way home as you may miss your stop.

Kevin Wilson said...

High point; a tag on second when the guy ran about 10m off the base. Also overscoring one of their innings - I had them one run higher than their scorer. We went with their scorer.

Low point; replacing Matt in the last innings when he'd just batted. Though I'd never get to bat. Then 2 down, Olivia up, with me next, no forced runners - and she gets caught! Bah!

Gareth said...

Low Point: Letting them score the first runs. At one point I couldn't see scoring anywhere

High Point: Watching the wolfettes battle the whole match. Loads of grit and never say die attitude from everyone.

lessons learned - don't kick the base away but make sure someone stands on it!!

Blasey said...


Kate getting three baters in a row in one innings out at first with throws to Joel