Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mix-a-lot Tournament - Finsbury Park 14th June 2008

Some stray Wolves, a few Homers and a whole load of Meteors got together on a sunny Saturday afternoon for a mix-up mini tournament. The idea was that people get to play with and against some different people to their usual bunch. The three captains disappeared into the club house whilst we warmed up and emerged with three 'random' team line ups.

I was a lone loan wolf on the self-proclaimed 'best looking team', with the other orange shirts split between the other two teams. Each team played the other two teams in a timed match. It was great fun to play with all sort of different people and also interesting to play against our usual team-mates.

After the three matches, the sun was still shining and the beer was still flowing, so we decided to go for a 'Meteors v the rest of the world' match. I got to have a go at pitching, which was great, and I only gave away one walk - we got him at 2 anyway, so no harm done. I was particularly proud of my pitch and catch, and I have a pretty impressive bruise on my ankle from a particularly fierce line-drive. It was a close game, but the Meteors got us in the end and it was off to the pub for more beer and some table football.

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Blasey said...

It was an amazing day and the Wolves were definitely the key players in each team. Alison, Olivia and I were in the winning side but it was more based the achievements of those in orange throughtout the day.
I think the alcohol definitely improved Matt's hitting and had the person in front of him had been quicker he maight have made it home instead of just 3rd.
Kate's pitching was spot on an would have been the highlight of the day if Matt and Kevin hadn't worked together to run down Judas (aka Paul).
The final game was really close and if Paul had not walked two players I'm sure we would have won.