Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Loan Wolves 25 - 26 Tribold

Low Point: Losing to Tribold!!
Not being able to pitch within the very tight strike zone set out by the umpire.

High Point: Balling the umpire who must have been confused as to whether he was umpiring baseball or slowpitch softball.

Lesson Learned: Never listen to Blasey who insisted I only have 8 pitches to warm up before the game. Next time I'll warm up my way :)


Matthew W said...

Low Point: A couple of my hits were rubbish.

High Point: Noticing the girl on first hadn't actually touched it, and asking Manj to throw me the ball, as subtly as I could ("I'd like to inspect it"). In future I think we should have a proper code phrase for that sort of thing, something like: "Captain Wrigglesworth is taking tea with the Queen."

Lessons Learned: Base coaches shouldn't wait to see if a ball goes foul or not before moving on runners.

Kate said...

Low Point: Getting out at second. It was unavoidable, but I wanted my first attempt at sliding to be successful!

High Point: The out at second with Vic - proving that us girls can do it. I knew we had plenty of time, so a nice calm underarm throw it was.

Lessons Learned: When umpiring I should resist teaching the rookie teams the rules - they'll only use them against us! (Lucky they haven't come across the 2 outs and a guy walked rule yet - I'm certainly not going to tell them!)

Vic said...

Low Point - 'missing' 3rd base and being called out. Gutted.

High Point - I agree with Kate, that was a sweet out. And getting a hit and getting to 1st!

Lessons Learnt - Hit the base so that the opposition can see it as well as your team mates and appeal louder when the opposition leaves their bag early.

Blasey said...

Low Point: Rarely getting a good throw to 1st

High Point: The sweetest hit I've had all season to give me an enjoyable home run

Lessons learned: (from my psychology diploma) that players need to be mentally prepared and comfortable as well as physically ready for the game. Also, making decisions if the situation requires that might not be popular.