Friday, August 10, 2007

Low Point/High Point (Wolves vs Tornadoes)

Low point: a fumble in the outfield during their first innings. Never hitting anything beyond first (besides when I was walked).

High point: got on base and got round every innings. Also threw twice to Paul on 3rd from the outfield for outs.

It was a strangely uneventful experience in the outfield this week. Nothing was really hit out there apart from a couple of screamers.


Vic said...

Low Point - generally every time I went up to bat. I struck out twice and when I finally hit it, I didn't make it to 1st and became the last out of the season.

High Point - Going for a catch, missing it but then scooping it up and throwing it to Blasey on 2nd for the out.

Also, I am rather pleased that I managed to jump out of the way moments before the guy sliding into second took the base out from under me - and I got him out too. I've learnt my lesson from last year.

Kate said...

Low Point - Not contributing anything at all to the fielding performance as I was stuck out in right field again, and nothing at all came my way!

High Point - My batting performance. 4 bats, 4 on base, and 3 runs scored. Probably the best bit of all was the hustling between 3rd and home resulting in a run!

Paul said...

Low Point - Two rubbish throws to Alison on first from third which should have been outs. Note to self: Take a ball out and do some practice throws before each innings

High - 5 tags on 3rd. One was a great chain in from Kevin to Gareth to me. And I think i did well to tag the girls in eh stomach considering what the alternatives might have been!

Looking forward to next season's battle for promotion.