Thursday, August 09, 2007

Loan Wolves 25 - 32 Tornadoes

This was the decider, effectively, for which of the two teams would be relegated. We had mustered support for our big game, with the whole side present, plus David who played for us last year and Olivia's colleague Will. My mate Iain had turned up too, which was really good of him, to watch his first softball match and take some photos. Looking forward to seeing the results of his foray into sports photography, mate. Sorry he didn't get to see a better game, though he did say it had been really exciting.
The opposition started well, but we soon clawed back the lead, and at the end of the fifth innings we were ahead by two. At this point it was getting dark, and we expected light would be called. But it wasn't. And so the last innings began. In increasingly dark and murky conditions, the Tornadoes, largely by looking for walks, made 12 runs. In even darker conditions, we could only make five. By now it was nine o'clock and well and truly dark. So ended our season. We trudged off with our supporters to drown our sorrows.
I think it is mathematically possible that we could still be in a play-off against the Tornadoes, but only if they lose both of their games in hand, one of which is against triBold who've lost every match so far, often by default for not fielding a team.
Still, there are a couple of tournaments to look forward to (first one's on Saturday). Let's see if we can get something out of those.

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