Sunday, August 12, 2007

Low Point/High Point - Superball 2007

Low Point - Not being with the Wolves but Manjiv said if I upset her I'd be kicked out and sure enough it didn't take long. We spotted Manjiv in her orange top easily on arrival. I said that I liked her new hair cut and was misunderstood, it really wasn't a sarcastic comment!

High Point - Hitting a Home Run on two strikes in the first innings of the final with two people on bases. It added to the score and the Devil Strays heads went down for a bit after that. Maybe I should try hitting a home run for the Wolves one day!

I also won this GLSML Champions bottle opener which I'll bring to every game. I'm sure it will mean I get the respect I deserve.... or more likely if it will be useful opening bottles of beer :-)


Julian said...

Low Point: Having rather alot of walks against Meteors 2. It was rather a taxing experience in the heat of the day. The plate seemed a long way off - Many of the teams did all they could to take walks ie werent swinging at much.

High Point/Points: Some strikeouts achieved. Matt's unflagging enthusiasm and his first ever catch in outfield. Seeing our lady newcomers putting up a very good performance - especially Sarah's splendid hitting.

Kevin Wilson said...

Low point; not being able to win any matches after the first, despite some being pretty close. I don't think I did myself justice at short stop in the one game I fielded there. Also, a massive grazed right shin and a heavily bruised left thigh!

High point; the MVP award! Three home runs in three innings in the first game, and a couple more across the day. Also a few catches in the outfield. I don't think I got out at all on the day (though in the last one girl had me caught but dropped it).

Andy said...

Low point: missing a catch from a fast line drive at Second. It glanced off my left shoulder, so it should have gone into my glove.
High point: getting to base twice switch-hitting. Admittedly the first was a walk. But it was a *left-handed* walk.

Matthew W said...

Low point: My batting in the final game - one catch, then made it to first but got Faustina out at second.

High point: Everything else - my first catches and walks, really just the whole day. I loved it. I want more!!! Thanks Wolves (and honourary Wolves).