Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Loan Wolves 16 - Barracudas 17

It was a very exciting game last night at Clapham Common. Some excellent batting from our big hitters and heroic catching from Kevin and Gareth. Plenty of enthusiastic support from Ben and his Dad and Matthew and Alex with Peter keeping score. Paul of course was in his element - with his base coaching - a great trooper as usual.

It was a great shame we couldnt quite make the win - really touch and go at the finish. We have come along way since last season.


Kevin Wilson said...

So close! Great performance all round ; everyone played their part. It's a cruel way to lose. I really don't see why a tie couldn't have been settled upon.

Vic said...

Good eyes all round. Great patience shown on the batting plate. Their pitching was a bit shakey and we punished them for it. In fact, I walked everytime I went up (except the one time I hit it and got out!). In contrast the cucumber was consistent, accurate and rightly proud of the numerous strike outs!
We saw som great base running and good support from the crowd. Our fielding was tight and although they got a few home runs, not much else got past the outfield, left, right or centre. Everyone was doing great backing up work (although maybe we need a little practice on 3rd and home!) and people went looking for the catches. Hurrah. We did ourselves proud and we look good for next week and next year.

Paul said...

Hey Julian.... didn't you hear me? I was there to!

The League sent an email round telling us there is no such thing as a draw in American sports, unfortunately the umpires had read the email and applied the rules despite attempts suggesting poor light.

and well done taking advantage of the pitching, those walks turned into runs :-)

Tiggs said...

Paul - you're implying that our score was mostly to do with taking walks? What do you think we are - a team who prefers to take walks in order to take a lead in a game?

I request you to clarify so we can keep an accurate record of the season.

Julian said...

Sorry Paul - I will put you in - You were great as usual