Friday, May 26, 2006

Loan Wolves 5 - Private Is- 33

For our fourth game of the season the Loan Wolves took their first 'professional' trip south of the river to Earlsfield and the Battersea Ironside sports ground. Despite the almost continual rain up until Thursday lunchtime the evening was warm and bright and the pitch looked good.

Contrary to what the scoreline may suggest I think we all came away from this encounter will lots of positives. We warmed up thoroughly and it showed with an uncharacteristically strong start - several bases hits in a row resulting in 1 whole run which I think raised everyone's confidence.

I've not played catcher before, and it's a strange position. You are active in nearly every play, but you're not out there with the team, you are the only one with a full on view of the whole field and you are privy to the umpire's mumblings and the other team's discussion whilst waiting to bat. Very interesting!

Our first innings fielding went pretty well. Some sterling pitching by Ben got the game moving and we got the outs in a reasonable time. There was a great moment later on in the game when Jane C took a big catch and was straight away looking around for the next out. If we'd had anyone on base I feel sure that would been our first double play!

It was great to have Darren there shouting tips and encouragement, and the support from Ben's family and Vic's sister all added to the atmosphere.

After game drinks were slightly surreal, as we were sharing the club house with a group of dog trainers and their untrained muts - but that's the thing with the Loan Wolves - expect the unexpected!

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