Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Loan Wolves 4 - 28 Italian Suede

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Third match of the season. Third time we lost by the "mercy rule". One day, one of our games will go the whole distance. One day.
We were at the pitch in good time, and got a lot of practice in. The opposition didn't turn up till 7.15, having been held up coming from South London.
The ground was soft and it had showered heavily about half an hour before the game started, which didn't help our fielding. Manjiv did a good job as pitcher, and Peter got a game, taking several outs at First. I came on after the second innings, got muddy and scored a run, legging it from Second to Home. Earlier, while scoring, I noticed an immaculately dressed figure approaching, somehow making a crutch look like a fashion statement. It was Alison, turning out to support the team. Great to see her back. Sharon and Jane A both played again, and seemed to enjoy the game. Alex arrived late from work, and took over the scoring. We played out a last inning for practice after the game ended, then headed for the pub. Unlike last time, none of the Arsenal fan regulars at the Finsbury took against our Wolves colours. Sat outside till we started to go numb with cold, then went in. Conversation ranged in that random way from softball to indexing for image libraries to the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series.

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Julian said...

I like your comment on Alison. I hope she recovers soon. Its nice to be able to catch up with whats going on - thanks for your reports Andy.

I'm still jet lagged but have my own softball glove now!!