Thursday, May 11, 2006

Loan Wolves 4 - 28 Meteors

Loan Wolves were playing at home, at Finsbury Park (not that that counts for much, with most teams having the same two or threee grounds as their "home" pitches).
Lovely balmy evening, with London looking beautiful in the sunshine.
The Wolves lost, despite playing well. First time players Sharon and "New" Jane bravely stepped up to bat and took their place in the field. Their heads must have been swimming with all the advice and tuition we were trying to cram into them, but they both took to the game well.
Harsh umpiring calls did our brave and hardworking pitchers no favours, but I saw at least three strike-outs reward their determination. Some great fielding, particularly in terms of players backing each other up and working well together.
I enjoyed batting, getting my first run of the season on the board, and fielded at Centre Right Field, then took over as catcher. Being catcher really takes it out of your knees, ankles and back, but it's an interesting position to play. I tried to shout encouragement to Manjiv, in the manner of a wicket keeper to a bowler. Managed to field a short-hit ball and throw it to Ben for an out.
Then drinks at the Finsbury. Richard's wife turned up later on. They're expecting their first little wolf cub in July.
And no hospitalised players this week. Bonus.

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