Friday, May 19, 2006

FAB evening

I was the sole representative of the Loan Wolves to take up the invitation to play with the Finance department's side "FAB" at Regent's Park this evening.
Played in a friendly six-a-side game with a pleasantly relaxed attitude to the letter of the rules. My side won 16-15 (having slipped from our 16-2 lead before the last inning). I made four runs (it's a bit easier than usual with only one outfielder), didn't get out, and took a couple of outs at First (and if I was fielding at First Base, you know the side was short of players). Then had a couple of beers with the others, at the Edinboro Castle. Bit busy, bit trendy, but OK pub. Enjoyed usual rambling post-game conversation.
Looking forward to playing a proper friendly vs these guys with the rest of the Wolves in June.

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