Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tornadoes 16 - 15 Loan Wolves

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Well, we had our best game of the season so far.
One that went all the way to the seventh inning, with no danger of the "mercy rule" being invoked. One where we made more runs than in all four of our previous games put together.
Played in Wandsworth Park, on a newly-mown pitch smelling of fresh hay (and why is it that everyone else's home grounds are nicer than ours?). Finally, we were matched with a team we could compete with. Despite being ahead at one point, and a "3 up, 3 down" inning where we got them out without a run scored, we couldn't quite nail that elusive first win. Some good pitching, excellent fielding, but we just didn't quite make the runs we needed. Perhaps we were confused by the opposition also wearing orange - I don't know. Afraid my batting, until the final inning, was below par. I'd cleaned my bat yesterday evening, and now it seemed I couldn't do a thing with it. Did contribute to our seven-run final inning with a second-base hit and a run, at least. In the field, a big hit in my direction escaped me, but I was saved by the fact that the batter had stepped out of his box and was therefore already out.
Three minor injuries for the team, so par for the course there. But it was good for our morale to know that we can give a decent account of ouselves when we have to.
Batting practice at the cages in Northwick Park next week. Looking forward to that.


SuperBen said...

I feel that the team really came together today. Our pitching was strong again, with both Kate and Julian doing very well alternating innings. The outfield fielding was especially pleasing too, with the team making some crucial catches (Alex and Paul you know who you are) and stops to hold the runners on base. The infield was particularly productive with force outs tonight, with a killer partnership developing between Vic and Paul to get 3 outs at 2B in quick succession. As for the batting, I can only echo Andy's sentiments. Although we had a few quick innings at bat, it was great to see a some good, multi run scores too. I certainly enjoyed the all the 'high fiving' going on after each successful baserunner reached home.
No game next week but onwards to Northwick Park batting cages, to hone out batting further.

Kate said...

Just to be pedantic (but I think it is needed when we are doing well) I think there were two 'maiden' innings, with no runs scored by the opposition. The second one I pitched was definitely one (which made me feel better about walking someone, as they didn't go on to score, so no harm done) and I think the second to last inning as well. Big defensive slap on the back to all of us! Hoorah!