Friday, June 16, 2006

Loan Wolves 1 - 30 Glove Me Tender

The team was surprisingly up for this clash with the table-topping GMT. Manjiv in particular was so fired up and bouncing arund with excitement that she earned herself the nickname "Tigger" from Jane A. For once, we had no spare male players, and I was fielding at Second Base. I'd forgotten how much more involved in the plays the infielders are.
Weather was sunny, after a cold, damp, day (which meant that for part of the game, the setting sun was right in my eyes at Second), and the pitch had been mowed recently.
The scoreline reflects that the other side were better than us, but doesn't really do us justice. Our performace defensively was very tight for much of the game, and after three innings we were only 7-1 down. Sadly, their fielding, their infield in particular, was really sharp and we had a hard job to get runs ourselves. Then one big inning for them just about did for us. As Paul said, at higher levels it becomes very hard to get to First. I did at least manage that, but also got out at First from hits that in other games would have seen me safely on base. Meanwhile, GMT stole a lot of bases, and gave us plenty of work trying to keep the forces on and the run total down.
I managed to achieve one of my little goals for the season - tagged a runner out.
Darren's team were playing on the other pitch (they won), and we had a natter with him at the pub after the game. I got to wear my vintage letter sweater for the first time, too.

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SuperBen said...

I second Andy's sentiments about the score not reflecting the actual game. Overall, I felt that the team did really well. Julian's pitching was very consistent, and it was great to see Kate making plays at homeplate as catcher, and then Vic making a catch there later on. Jane A. did brilliantly at first base, whilst Andy and Paul got some nice tags, including our first ever double play. My brother Matt certainly liven things up a bit, and did well to get two catches in the outfield. Jane C. and Manjiv did some good work fielding the many balls that came their way. Things to improve on: 1) We just need to polish our batting skills a bit, and I'm sure that we can get closer to our elusive first win. 2) Perhaps we can have an agreed team policy from now on, as to whether we take the 'mercy rule' if offered to us, or whether we continue. It was a nightmare decision, with people on our side undecided, and then many of the opposition already cracking open beers or heading for home.
I wish you well for the next match.