Thursday, June 29, 2006

Loan Wolves v Richmond Swingers 1-20

Another heroic night for the Wolves, playing at home and facing not only a team from the top of the table, but also blinding sunlight and hard ground causing the softballs to going bouncing all over the place. Well that’s my excuse for getting a softball in the face anyway! I am very disappointed not to have a huge bruise this morning. Just a slight yet very tender, bump on my eyebrow.
Despite the difficult terrain, some fumbled balls and some shocking throws (me most definitely included. I was aiming for 1st, honest), we fielded well, not getting the mercy rule till the 5th innings and even preventing the Swingers scoring at all in one innings. However their big hitters proved difficult to stop. At times this was a good thing. If Manjiv had managed to get in the way of the one that that flew past her at high speed at head height having bounced off the ground in front of her, it would have certainly stung a bit, in fact it would have probably knocked her out. Ouch.
Overall it was another good team effort all round. Michael was a real asset in the outfield, all the cricketing practice paying off with some huge throws in. A good first outing as a Wolf. Alison made her return, stepping in bravely as catcher and taking out some of her pent up softball frustration on the ball by going up to bat, proving that she is raring to go once back to full fitness. Julian produced some great pitching and had a good batting innings too. Jane C stepped up despite feeling a bit under the weather and made a fantastic hit that dropped right in the sweet spot between in-field and out-field. Jane A proved once again that she is a very safe pair of hands on 1st. Alex showed up, was subbed in and promptly injured his knee. Not a great night for him. At least he looked good doing it, going out in style with a slide into 3rd. Peter managed to cause confusion all round when he was unable to stop the swing he had started on a ball from an illegal pitch. There were lots of bemused fielders trying to work out what our silent hand signals to Peter meant. It’s hard to tell someone to run without the opposition realising. New rule learnt and duly noted. Well done to Ben for scoring our only run. Paul would like it noted that he got Ben round with his hit!
My personal highlights – getting tagged out twice in a row in one innings (so harsh), getting to first base (hurrah! That’s twice now!), and managing to tag out the runner on 2nd who though she was home and safe. Just goes to show you, always stay on your base!!!!

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Paul said...

Again we faced a most friendly opposition team who kindly provided us with smoothies before the match. Many thanks. I was disappointed after the first innings they decided to actually field a complete team and brought on 2 late arriving players. I suspect we had them worried ;-)

Congratulations to Karen who scored the 200th run batted against us this season. We presented her with the Richmond Swingers first trophy of the year in the form of a packet of Ready Salted Crisps. Unfortunately they haven’t got their trophy cabinet built yet so the award was duly consumed.

And as Vic mentioned it took 5 innings before the mercy rule was enforced, 20-1 after 4 innings and after holding them to 0 at the top of the 5th, we only just failed to make the 4 runs needed to keep the game alive.

Well played everyone.